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Mouthguards - a message to players

Message to Players:


It has come to our attention that a significant number of players across all levels of the Club are choosing not to wear a mouthguard during both training and matches.

Whilst accidents might be rare, the risks are significant. One of our senior players is currently still undergoing complicated and expensive dental treatment a year after his accident.  

As with all clubs affiliated with Ulster and Irish Hockey, players are 100% personally liable for any dental injury or damage or loss to teeth.

The Club Committee strongly advise players who do not currently wear a mouthguard to have one fitted at their dentist to avoid the risk of having to undergo many months of treatment at great personal cost.

Office Bearers, Management and Coaching Staff
2021-2022 - Office Bearers, Management and Coaching Staff

Club Chairman: Richard Palmer
Tel: (M) 07557 783900

Committee Chairman: Henry Brown
Tel: (M) 07889 152183

Honorary Secretary: Gavin Lecky
Tel: (M) 07591 927855

Match Secretary: Tim Hogg
Tel: (M) 07743 360955
Honorary Treasurer/ Membership SecretaryAndrew Corry
Tel: (M) 07768 816827

Youth LeaderGraham Higgin
Tel:  (M) 07733 036083

Child Protection Officer: John Watson
Tel:  (M) 07834 551204

Club & 1st XI Captain: Chris Kirk
Tel: (M) 07814 620970

Club Coach: Stephen Watt
Tel: (M) 07903 731562

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