Child Protection Guidelines

The Hockey Committee has adopted the principles the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sport produced by the Sports Council for Northern Ireland.  These Guidelines have been drawn up to help protect anyone working with children in Instonians Hockey Club.  They should be followed at all times.  If members have any queries, please contact the Committee.

  • A child is anyone under the age of 18.
  • Adult members shall ensure the safety of children and that they enjoy playing hockey for Instonians.
  • Members should always be publicly open when working with children and should avoid situations where they are completely unobserved with an individual child.
  • If travelling with a child to an 'away' match, ensure that verbal/written parental permission has been granted.
  • Ensure that parents are asked to collect their children in time,  Never leave a child alone at a ground.
  • Members acting as coaches should have the appropriate qualifications.
  • Coaches/Members should ensure that actions that they direct are appropriate to the age of the children concerned.
  • Members should always promote the positive side of hockey, never condone violations of the Rules, never encourage bad sportsmanship or condone the use of prohibited substances.  Children should not be offered alcohol.
  • Members should consistently display high standards of personal behaviour both on and off the field, do not use inappropriate language and show respect for both equipment and facilities.
Members should not
  • Use any form of corporal punishment or physical force on a child.
  • Exert undue influence over a child participant in order to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  • Engage in rough physical games, sexually provocative games or allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any kind and/or make sexually suggestive comment about/to a child.
Child Safety
  • Members should ensure that appropriate protective equipment is provided and used by children.
  • To avoid burn out, consideration should be given to the frequency of matches and the demands placed upon children by RBAI and Inchmarlo.
  • All injuries to children must be reported to the committee.

The Instonians Hockey Committee adopted these guidelines at its meeting on 18th August 2003.

Our Child Protection Officer is :

John Watson
Tel : 07834 551204