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Project Seahorse

Dear Instonian

Instonians Rugby Club is setting the wheels in motion to enable a step change in all aspects of the Club to get us back where we belong – at the top of Irish rugby at every level.


We have several initiatives already underway to drive improvement as well as working on an ambitious 5-year strategy that will drive our actions through the 2022/23 – 2026/27 seasons.

Now more than ever, we urgently need to raise money to cover the increasing costs needed to run a successful Rugby club in the AIL.

To help us meet these costs we are running ‘Project Seahorse’ and are seeking to raise £100,000 through various initiatives over the next 12 months.

For the first time ever, the Rugby Committee has decided to contact all Instonians across the world to humbly request a pledge or donation, no matter how big or small, to sustain the Club in the short term as well as underpin our growth and success plans in the medium to long term.

Be part of Instonians Rugby Club success. Please visit the Project Seahorse site at

Thank you.

Peter Bradley – Chairman of the Rugby Committee