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1st XI Results 2016
Date Competition Venue Opposition Result Scorecard
30 Aug  League (Match 2)  Shaw's Bridge Waringstown   Won by 4 wks

 W'town 97-8wks

Inst 101-6wks in 16.4 overs

27 Aug League Shaw's Bridge CIYMS

Won by 62 runs

Inst 162ao in 40.0 overs(R Theron 88)

CIYMS 100ao in 36.3 overs(R McKinley 4-23,S Bunting 3-21 inc hat-trick,A White 2-10)

20 Aug League Shaw's Bridge Lisburn

Won by 5 wks

D/L target 199

Lisburn 173-7wks in 40 overs(Nik Smith 3-19)

Inst 200-5wks in 39.3 overs(J Shannon 80,A White 41,R Theron 39no)

13 Aug Irish Senior Cup - S/F The Lawn Waringstown

Lost by 7 wks

Inst 220-8wks in 50 overs(A White 70,R Theron 48)

W'town 224-3wks

6 Aug League Shaw's Bridge North Down

Won by 6 wks

N Down 138ao in 38.4 overs(R McKinley 5-41,Nat Smith 4-40)

Inst 139-4wks in 33.4 overs(A White 35,R Theron 31no,J Shannon 31)

30 July League Middle Road Carrickfergus

Lost by 62 runs

Carrick 248-7wks in 50 overs(Nik Smith 2-19, Nat Smith 2-28)

Inst 186 ao in 46.3 overs(Nik Smith 72,S Bunting 40)

24 July League The Lawn Waringstown

Won by 3 runs

(D/L Target 92)

W'town 248-7wks(L McNamara 3-42)

Inst 95-2 wks in 22.3 overs(J Shannon 32no,R Theron 26no)

23 July League Derriaghy Derriaghy

Won by 6 wks

(D/L Target 90)

Derriaghy 119 ao (S Bunting 3-15,L McNamara 3-30)

Inst 93-4wks (R McKinley 34no,J Shannon 26no)

17 July Irish Senior Cup Phoenix Park Phoenix Won by 63 runs

Inst 290-9wks in 50 overs(Nik Smith 94,A White 70,J Shannon 45)

Phoenix 227 ao in overs(Nat Smith 3-34, S Bunting 3-43)

16 July League Shaw's Bridge CSNI Won by 3 wks

CSNI 153 ao in 41.3 overs(R McKinley 4-17,A White 4-25)

Inst 157-7wks in 40.4 overs(Nik Smith 33,S Bunting 33,R McKinley 27)

15 July League (M2) Shaw's Briudge Carrickfergus

Won by 20 runs

(D/L Target 48)

Carrick 108-8wks in 20 overs(R McKinley 3-24, Nat Smith 2-12)

Inst 68-3wks in 9.3 overs(J Shannon 44)

25 June League Shaw's Bridge Lisburn Won by 129 runs

Inst 208-8wks in 50 overs(A White 43,N Russell 36)

Lisburn 79ao (R McKinley 4-12,J Magee 2-10,S Bunting 2-18)

17 June T20 Cup - Group A Middle Road Carrickfergus Lost by 44 runs

Carrick 171-7wks in 20 overs(E Moleon 4-23)

Inst 127-6wks in 20 overs(J Shannon 29,R Theron 27)

11 June Ulster Cup Rd1 Shaw's Bridge Brigade Lost by 7 wks

Inst 118ao in 33.2 overs(Nat Smith 28)

Brigade 121-3wks in 32 overs

3 June T20Cup - Group A Derriaghy Derriaghy Won by 84 runs

Inst 152-4wks in 20 overs(Nik Smith 47no,A White 46no)

Derriaghy 68ao in 14.4 overs(S Bunting 4-26,A White 2-12,R McKinley 2-12)

29 May Irish Senior Cup Rd2 Shaw's Bridge Pembroke Won by 6 wks

Pembroke 246-9wks in 50 overs(L McNamara 3-34)

Inst 249-4 wks in 48.1 overs(Nik Smith 107,A White 40)

28 May League The Green North Down Won by 5 runs

Inst 227-8wks in 50 overs(R Theron 46,B McNamara 40)

N Down 222-9wks in 50 overs(E Moleon 4-28,A White 2-30)

21 May League Shaw's Bridge Carrickfergus Abandoned

Instonians 27-2wks in 13 overs

14 May Challenge Cup - Rd 1 Moylena Muckamore Lost by 7 wks

Instonians 197 ao in 47.4 overs(A White 34,J Shannon 33)

M'amore 201-3wks in 45.5 overs

13 May T20 Cup - Group A Shaw's Bridge Waringstown Won by 2 wks

W'town 167-5wks in 20 overs(R Theron 2-42)

Instonians 168-8wks in 20 overs(A White 68,N Russell 32)

 7 May  Irish Senior Cup - Rd 1  Shaw's Bridge  Clontarf  Won by 2wks

 Clontarf 135-9wks in 25 overs(Nathan Smith 3-27,S Bunting 3-18)

Instonians 154-8wks in 25 overs(Nik Smith 56,A White 39)

 30 Apr  League Stormont  CSNI Won by 8 wks

CSNI 193-9wks in 50 overs (Na Smith 3-38)

Instonians 197-2wks in 42.4 overs (A White 104no, N Russell 40)